Sunday, November 9, 2008

70 days

I am writing to you from abroad.
I have decided to blog for the Americans, because I see now an imminent danger hanging over America - and the rest of the world as well, because the United States is now by far the strongest Power in the world.
In 1933 a man called Adolf Hitler had seized power in Germany. He had promised “The Change”. He lived up to his promise - very easily in fact even thou the German bureaucracy, formed in the Era of the Empire, was unwilling to cooperate. He managed to do this because he jumped to the opportunity. It was the fire in Reichstag. The fire in the German Parliament had been put by a mentally insane man, but thanks to that act, Adolf Hitler got the special provisions. It was enough.

On 9-11 you had had your fire in Reichstag. The problem now as I see it is the special provisions known as the Patriot Act - clearly an anti-American piece of legislation that is already in operation. The Department of Homeland Security, with their rights greater than that of the Bolshevik Cherezvychayka or Gestapo, already exists.
The Republicans, even neo-cons, were making relatively mild use of these provisions and possibilities. The men surrounding Mr. Obama may have less mental reservations as Leftists Liberals usually do not have them. And it is evident that the United States bureaucracy is very willing to support Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as he has gotten 92% of the votes in the DC.

So you have now only 70 days to get rid of the Patriot Act and to dissolve the Department of Homeland Security, returning to the happy pre 9-11 days. Democrats were generally against Patriot Act, let to keep them to their words. The Republicans should say, “We acknowledge our mistake. You Democrats were right! Let’s together revoke the Patriot Act!”
Perhaps you will manage to do it in 70 days. If not, I would not bet for the future of America. You can contain the man but you can not contain the bureaucracy, which is usually straining its legal entitlements to the very end...
...and sometimes beyond it.

Remember, it is 70 days.


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Łukasz Jakacki said...

Mr. Mikke, in case you haven't already read the following comment by 'Tajemniczy don Pedro' (it's not me) on your polish blog (, PLEASE read it here:

No dobra, RAZ się poświęcę i zrobię korektę po JKM i Jego poprzednim korektorze:

1. "because I see now an imminent"
Redundant. If it is "imminent", then of course you see it "now". "Because I see an imminent..."

2. "very easily in fact even thou the German bureaucracy"
(...) very easily, in fact, even though the German bureaucracy (...) (commas ARE important)

3. "he jumped to the opportunity. It was the fire in Reichstag."
(...) he jumped AT the opportunity created by the Reichstag fire.

4. "The fire in the German Parliament had been put by a mentally insane man"
A mówimy po polsku "mentalnie szalony"? W ogóle mi cały ten fragment nie gra. Spróbuję inaczej:

The Reichstag fire was started not by any foreign power or an internal enemy, but by an insane individual. Nevertheless, Hitler managed to use it as an excuse to obtain extraordinary authority, which was ultimately used to squash all opposition.
I w ten sposób zgrabnie przechodzimy do "Patriot Act".

5. Środkowy paragraf cały do przepisania. Niezgrabny i z przynajmniej jednym błędem gramatycznym.
"(...)their rights greater" - dwa błędy.Po pierwsze, powinno być "its" (bo the Department to "it", nie "they"). Po drugie, to kalka z polskiego. "rights" byłoby właściwsze dla praw jednostek albo grup. Agenda rządowa ma uprawnienia ("authority").

6. "let to keep them to their words"
Bęc. "Korektor" takie coś przepuścił?

7. "can not"
"Cannot" pisze się razem.

8. "straining its legal entitlements"
Nawet nie wiem, jak poprawić tego potworka.

Panie Mikke, próba NIEUDANA. Może problemem jest to, że Korektorowi za bardzo się nie chce, albo że nie zna polskiego (wyłapałby kalki) i Pana poglądów, i z grubsza tylko szlifuje co gorsze językowe potworki, bez dbałości o wierność treści i o piękno języka...
Ja, cholerka, też nie jestem "native". Poza tym jestem leniwy. Poza tym mam swojego bloga i fora dyskusyjne, na których mam swoich ulubionych lewaków do drażnienia. Poza tym od poprawiania takich wypracowań dostaje się głupawki, a mój instynkt językowy nie jest na tyle ugruntowany, żebym się o niego nie bał. Dlatego nie zgłaszam się na ochotnika do pomocy. Trzeba się samemu lepiej postarać, albo dac spokój.

Anonymous said...

mikke = polish lepen & haider
mikke ain't got nothing' to do with ron paul.

Anonymous said...

mikke = polish lepen & haider
mikke ain't got nothing' to do with ron paul.

Anonymous said...

Tanx 4 the beginning.

arti said...

Well-written Janusz. Hope these words will be understood soon. God bless America!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Janusz!

P2O2 said...

@łukasz jakacki

Nice work but...

"on your polish blog..." ->
1) on your polished blog
2) on your Polish blog

"mentally insane" -> mentally ill
or insane or looney

The Reichstag fire was started not by any foreign power or an internal enemy, but by an insane individual.

Any "foreign power" or "internal enemy" cannot start a fire. It can be started by a device or a man. English is more logical than Polish.

"Korektor" as a "human spell checker" can be or should be written with a small letter - korektor.

straining its legal entitlements (...) and sometimes beyond it. -> fully executes its powers, even crossing sometimes its legal domains.

Now as Mr JKM knows his limits I hope his next post will trigger off rather ardent discussion than language skirmishes.

Best regards to all.

P2O2 said...

Correction, shit... :)

language skirmishes = linguistic skirmishes

liberty said...

The only hope for REAL America was a good libertarian and Constitutionalist. Ron Paul was a great choice, Ralph Nader was not bad.
But watching that hysterical slander campaign falsely accusing Ron Paul of being racist and even homophobic only show how the establishment fears men like him. It's surprising so many dumb zombies just buy anything the media sells. It actually happens that Ron Paul has quite a support among gay community on the Western coast, especially in the Hollywood area. Aimee Allen has a lot to say about that as well as vast censorship in the show business.

liberty said...

What dies Mikke have to do with LePen and Haider? Can you at least say in your own intelligible words what you have against those two without any media spin propaganda for morons?
From the economical standpoint, Mikke seems to have a lot to do with RP.

liberty said...

People, please don't be childish and don't post all your corrections here. I realize it might boost your self-esteem when you do that but it doesn't help at all when I'm trying to go through all those comments. English-speaking people can figure it out for themselves. The blog is not likely to win any language contest but it's understandable enough at this point.

liberty said...

Oops, a typo...
I meant "What DOES..."

Mitrandir77 said...

It's quite dramatic what you said... but sounds true :/

batwing said...

70 days is not much, but what would Don Kichote be without his windmills? :)

Anonymous said...

That's very interesting post (just like on polish blog). Now I can see how much people agree with You. I read a few comments and everyone wrote only positive words about You and Your style of thinking and writing. We can also see that "red people" from Poland don't know english and can't write something against You. They're such a dorks. I believe that Big Day will come... Big Day, when we could live in a free world, but not free by the concession or another permission, but freedom of every unit... That would be something really great. That's something We fight in Poland and hope You - people will fight in Your countries.

Piotr Manikowski

Anonymous said...

Goog luck with yout blog. Mr.Korwin Mikke. God save America from the left wing scum.

P2O2 said...


Until we define the grounds it will be tough to understand each other.

What does the "RP" you wrote stand for?
What LePen and Heider are doing here on the blog for Americans?
Who's Aimee Allen?

So much for the language. What about culture gap? What about American movies, expressions, R,N,F,x-words and many others forbidden in the USA?

If you said I'm from USA, I'm from France it would be more easier to understand, perhaps this time not you, but many others.

How do you think Poles can understand US not reading MSM media or US bloggers?

How come the US counterparts are able to catch Polish gawky expressions bordering on culture habits or language?

Saing that the correct language plus a few words about the comment's author will shed more light and will lead to better mutual understanding.

And turning to the gist of your comment - I do not think Ron Paul is the best American alter ego of Mr JKM.

The only hope for REAL America was a good libertarian and Constitutionalist. Ron Paul was a great choice, Ralph Nader was not bad.

No, the USoA is doomed. She's too polarized. Without martial law and American Putin there is no hope for the USA. The sooner she hit the dust the better for the world.

Mr JKM is wrong in his belief at the possibility to change the status quo. Mr Bush has been building the police state for 8 years. Clintonites were doing the same.

How would you like to change that? With the Zionist advisers to Mr Obama? With Mr Obama which presented socialist and communist ideas how to govern the USA?

With the same people which covertly and overtly were building NAU? Which sold-out American jobs abroad? Which "privatized Pentagon" creating stronger bonds between military-inustrial complex with Beltway politicians?

Gimme a break!

Łukasz Jakacki said...


Alright, I made a mistake of not typing 'polish' with a capital letter, but...

"So stick in your remarks" - wrong word order (the word being 'in', to be precise).
though = tho/tho'. Not 'thou'.
"unformal writing" should be 'informal writing'.

As to the merit, i.e. your comments on don Pedro's post aiming to improve JKM's English post:

a) "mentally insane" -> mentally ill".

Actually, 'insane' is enough; 'mentally insane' is too much (vide 'buttery butter').

b) Any "foreign power" or "internal enemy" cannot start a fire. It can be started by a device or a man. English is more logical than Polish.

English, just as Polish, also has metaphorical usage of words and phrases; in my opinion it can be said that "a foreign power started the fire" just as one can say "I'm reading Shakespeare".

c) I don't really want to argue about 'Korektor' - it's not about JKM's post anyway, and it's not my idea. That don Pedro individual obviously wanted to stress it's about a particular person running the office of JKM's Royal Spelling Checker :)

d) "fully executes its powers, even crossing sometimes its legal domains." Yeah, probably that's what JKM meant, but the form is terrible...

I certainly hope that Mr. Mikke's blog will be of the highest quality possible in regard to future posts: both in form (if this blog is supposed to be read by Americans, it should be written in a way that simply won't trigger such lingustic skirmishes, as there won't be any reasons for them) AND in content.

Right, content...
Enough with those Hitler comparisons (and other such stuff) already! Seriously. Unless that's what the whole plan is about: covering important topics, but using extreme examples and risky references, in order to shock (and awe?) the readers, and by such means making a lot of fuss, hoping to gain more popularity and recognition that way.

Of course it's your call Mr. Mikke, but I'm afraid this would lead to the same place such tactics led in Poland - to nowhere...

evilboy said...

I hope this blog will be soon as popular as in Poland:) best wishes and good luck!

P2O2 said...

@łukasz jakacki

OK, let bygones be bygones, as far as the language matters are concerned with small exeption. ;)

English, just as Polish, also has metaphorical usage of words and phrases; in my opinion it can be said that "a foreign power started the fire" just as one can say "I'm reading Shakespeare".

In this example the "fire" can be applied only to someting bigger like "conflagration" or a "scorched earth policy". Reichstag fire is only the... Reichstan fire and as such it was started by a man. Mentally ill man. ;)

Enough with those Hitler comparisons (and other such stuff) already!

You probably didn't hear American radio talk shows (using Internet for example). "Hitler of our times", "Nazis's X" (with X for a name), "fascist words", etc, are quite common. Relax. Read Mr Buchanan's columns for example or listen to Mr Savage's program called The Savage Nation (I provided the addresses with my first comment here).

The USA is truly fascist country today. Political Correctness is one of the foundations of American Fascism. The main one.

Believe me, nothing what Mr JKM says on his blog, however iconoclastic to your ears, will ever shock any American. Perhaps 30 years ago, not today. And talks about socialism and communism buing built in America are suprisingly common.

The USA is going "red", while Russia is going "white". That's why US elites (together with Polish puppets) hate Russian Federation.

Best regards.

jarus said...

hi, welcome to our neck of the woods. Takes some balls to blog in a foreign language. I hope you'll conquer America although it's a high order with a current state of mind in most of them. I would like to know what's you take on Richard Dawkins; you know that evolutionist and anti-religion crusader. Maybe you can comment here or on your Polish site. Good luck with everything

P2O2 said...

@łukasz jakacki

You were afraid of the language of Mr JKM. From AP text Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist or fascist dictatorship.

"It may sound a bit crazy and off base, but the thing is, he's the one who proposed this national security force," Rep. Paul Broun said of Obama in an interview Monday with The Associated Press. "I'm just trying to bring attention to the fact that we may — may not, I hope not — but we may have a problem with that type of philosophy of radical socialism or Marxism."

Broun cited a July speech by Obama that has circulated on the Internet in which the then-Democratic presidential candidate called for a civilian force to take some of the national security burden off the military.

"That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it's exactly what the Soviet Union did," Broun said. "When he's proposing to have a national security force that's answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of being Marxist."

Nice, isn't it? :)

syweryk said...

Good luck! Mr.Mikke,it's great idea

Anonymous said...

Hi, great! when it will become the most popular political blog (does not need to be 10 times) it will be a big show in America - not like in Europe (Poland), instead of making money (out of Cejrowski how more then 10 years ago) they cancelled his show. Imagine, it became the most popular show within a year in 1996 with over 4 mln viewers. MCZ

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone from USA, who read this blog? I see comments only from Polish readers... ;-)

P2O2 said...

Did you check all the hyperlinked nicks?

On the other hand I came here from Polish blog of Mr JKM. Like 100% others.

Positioning the blog on American scene and efficient PR is up to Mr JKM not us.


Anonymous said...

Holly words!

Zicker said...

Good to see you here in English. Best wishes ans all blessings for you and the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, And here we go! The only question is - Who was the first? Janusz Korwin-Mikke or Senator Brouwn.

see this link

Anonymous said...

are there any Americans reading it?

Łukasz Jakacki said...

Nice indeed :)

May your opinion, about JKM's posts not being too radical to 'digest' for too many people, prove to be right (if he shall stick to such a style of writing, that is).

I also hope JKM will make a good (i.e. efficient) use of this blog, so that it won't be read only by those Poles who know about it and can read English posts - that would be a waste of energy, especially considering the fact that they can simply read JKM on his Polish blog.


Anonymous said...

probably goring was the one behind burning reichstag, i personally believe in that possibility, but still it's not sure...

Anonymous said...

we should setup a wiki and collectively translate all jkm polish blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Long live liberty, down with the red plague!!!
Good luck to you, JKM :)

Anonymous said...

There is some important information missing in Mikke's profile. He is notorious for his collaboration with the communist regime in the 60s-80s. He had been a member of the communist 'Demoractic Party' for 20 years before suddenly turning liberal-conservative in the late 80s when communism was collapsing. After 1989 he has been allegedly 'fighting for freedom' although Poland had been already freed from communist oppressors like Mikke himself. That's why nobody in Poland treats him seriously.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Korwin-Mikke FTW!

Wikipedia said...

Godwin's Law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies) is an adage formulated by Mike Godwin in 1990. The law states:

"As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."


There are many corollaries to Godwin's law, some considered more canonical (by being adopted by Godwin himself) than others invented later. For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically "lost" whatever debate was in progress. This principle itself is frequently referred to as Godwin's Law. It is considered poor form to raise such a comparison arbitrarily with the motive of ending the thread. There is a widely recognized codicil that any such ulterior-motive invocation of Godwin's law will be unsuccessful (this is sometimes referred to as "Quirk's Exception").

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mr. Mikke!
Greetings :)


P2O2 said...

Godwin's Law - another crap from the pile of shit called Wikipedia...

Anonymous said...

You can try to contact and start co-operation with or

Martin Luther Kingkong said...

good luck

Larry said...

Great - now I have something to show to my American friends without translating from Polish.

Keep the words flowing!

P2O2 said...

Keep the words flowing!

Was it to me and others or to His Excellency Janusz Korwin-Mikke who is absent from this blog? :)


JKM Blog Archive said...

Dość dobrze ujmuje to cytowana definicja z Wikipedii...

i już na Wiki znalazłem historię o eksperymentach, gdzie małżeństwa miłośników esperanto uczyły swoje dzieci wyłącznie w tym języku; cytuję za Wikipedią

Jednak, co ciekawe, artykuł o liberum veto:
jest zredagowany zupełnie obiektywnie!!

W Polsce natomiast, jak słusznie cytuje Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Well done Janusz!, however you still need to know more about American history and then compare it to the European history.
Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Is that it? One entry?
BTW, welcome on the terrorist watch list, Mr. Mikke.

bill said...

judging by the bad grammar and weird syntax, most comments in this blog are not coming from americans...

Anonymous said...

Let's get America!

a said...

Time for next post I guess.

Anonymous said...

hope you will keep writing in english and this is not the first post that's going to be the last one.

freemason_to_be said...

My fellow Americans! You may ask "who the hell is this Korwin Mikke"? He`s one of the most uderrated politicians and (ekhm) philosophers in Poland.He predicted many of today`s issues many years ago.

Keep on free-thinkers!

Anonymous said...

I doubt ppl in U.S can heal their wounds. Through times goverment were scaring them with communists, natives, disases. Ppl in streets suspected everyone who had weird accent, or red sox to be a communist agent, in fact it was a good intro to patriot act. I wish very best for United states, but evil has great power in this country now, I guess that when 2nd cadency of Obama will end, US will have new currency. Also I wish to say that JKM pointed something extremly important, that obama had 90%+ of votes in District Columbia.

Best wishes mr Mikke

Anonymous said...

Best wishes from all polish logical-thinking people also on the American's 'ground'. To fight and win with red plague.

Anonymous said...

My English to by good leanguage. I to be good writer. I can to writ in English and as good as Polish.
I am GREAT politic in Poland n I will bee next president of USA!
I'm sure!!

Anonymous said...

good luck!

jarus said...

keep going

P2O2 said...


Time to get back from the hutzpa by JKM. Time to stop keeping this blog's hyperlink and to stop following it. What I did with kind of personal schadenfreude. :)


Anonymous said...



Mike said...

Well its good to see Mr. Korwin-Mikke expanding his internet horizons and promoting freedom also on US blogs. Maybe (daj Boze as we say in Poland) he will be a building block of a process of returning for the GOP to its traditional conservative roots.

Lets all atleast hope so:)

Daniel said...

Nigdy pan nie słyszał o Facebook lub Myspace. Łatwo tam założyc konto i można pisać blogi. Będzie miał pan o wiele więcej czytelników z całego świata. Pozdrowienia z Ostrołęki.

Daniel said...

We in the United States and Canada are well aware of the situation. Plans to establish The North American Union (similar to the European Union) are under way. Illegal wars to gain control over the energy resources are under way. Governments implement their agendas outside what we used to call a democratic process. Secret meetings and hidden agendas are pushed by unelected lobbies, the military-industrial complex, the oil giants the multinational corporations, and of course, AIPAC. Above it all, are multinational banks and financial institutions that call the shots.

And preparations for Martial Law are also under way.

The European Union, North-American Union, Asia-Pacific Union, and African Union - (three latest in the making) - are all steps towards the One World Government. This is what the term New World Order means, this is what it is all about. In this new world, governed by bankers like Rotschilds and Rockefellers, there will be no democracy, no religion, no culture, and no freedom as we know them today. It will be a totalitarian system, by its centralised nature very similar to communism.

Here is a list of some good links for you and your readers:

Internet Sites:

After Downing Street

American Free Press


Common Dreams


Electronic Intifada

Electronic Lebanon

Global Research

Information Clearing House



Knowledge Driven Revolution

Online Journal

Palestine Chronicle

Prison Planet

Truth News





Ilan Pappe

Ismael Hossein-Zadeh

Israel Shamir

Jonathan Cook

Juan Cole

Ramzy Baroud

Rodrigue Tremblay

Sarah Meyer

Steve Lendman

Tom Engelhardt

Toni Solo

Uri Avnery

William Blum

Happy reading!

Daniel said...

I don't know why my post (above) showed as Daniel's. Perhaps, I was posting it at the same time as Daniel posted his and my name got overwritten by his.
I am posting this from Canada. I found this blog when I was looking for anybody/anything in Poland, patriotic enough to still oppose the Treaty of Lisbon, which is leading Europe towards a totalitarian dictatorship.
I does not matter who runs the show behind the scenes, the process is always the same. You can learn about it here:

Bielec said...

O.K., it's fixed now. Somehow, posting at the same time as Daniel has overwritten my Blogger display name. I had to go to My Account and change it back to what it had been before. Hope this solves some confusion.

Bielec said...

Also check out this blog:

William Engdahk

Latarnik said...

Will North America perish?
You wish. Europe went from barbarian society to cultured and recently (since French Revolution) into decadence. North America went straight from barbarian to decadent community. Decadence is extremely stable

Anonymous said...

Mikke co ciul

Anonymous said...

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Perhaps we should elect a woman for the next presidency - someone like Princess Diana - the Queen of the Hearts.

All because of the manipulation called Feminism. People perhaps have enough of men and wanting good changes they would vote for a woman.

I am an observer of the path we are on - and I am terrified. Why on the hell we have American Soldiers within our borders (Poland)? Where this incident in Georgia come from? Does America want to provoke another war? (Russia) And they would show the world that they support us? In a meantime there will be hundred of Polish citizens dead.

Anonymous said...

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