Friday, November 14, 2008

Union of Socialist States od America

I could love the girl which I met when she was 20. Now I am meeting her and she is 60. Must I love her still?
It depends on her behavior – it is seen on her face. Sometimes I ask myself: how could I even think of loving such a trollop?
I love United States. My United States were founded by the Founding Fathers, which provided them with Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It was federal republic – or rather: the federation of republics - with Rule of Law and Free Market as basic Principles.
After 240 years this Constitution had beed spoiled by so-called „amendmends” - turning these republics into centralized d***cracy (I don't like printing dirty words in full). The Will of the People prevailes now over the Freedom and over the Law.
United States present therefore a typical examplification of the „O'Sullivan's Law” : „Any organisation not planned carefully as a Right-wing with time will change into Left-wing”.
Charles Marx kept to saying: „To introduce socialism into a country it is enough to introduce d***cracy therein” (... and the Stupid Majority will slowly build socialism themselves). Founding Fathers were simply not prudent enough; perhaps the majority in the House necessary to change Constitution should be 80%? Or even 95%?
Majority is competent – perhaps – in choosing men onto some posts. It is not competent in producing Laws. Majority prefers Safety over Freedom (that's why you do have now the Department od Homeland Security – and you don't have a Department of Homeland Freedom...) - and, still worse, it demands that everybody share its position. If majority of men prefer to drive with their seatbelts locked – they want everybody to do the same!
Typical communism, of course. All Founding Fathers would be shocked listening to the mere proposal of such a bill!
So: I love United States – I do not like Union of Socialist States of America.
How could American people choose a Red for President? You say: it's state education, with the educationists implementing leftis ideas into young heads. You say: it's TV, where left-inclined presenters – and so on.
But I have made a simple count.
In the United States – with its Constitution and Bill of Right intact – would not vote:
inhabitants of the District of Columbia (Mr.Obama got 92% there)
men under 23
those who did not pay poll tax
Correct me, if I am wrong: even not taking the last factor into account in the United States Mr.Obama would not get even a single elector!
In the Union of Socialist States of America he has won with ease.
So perhaps it is not the American People to blame. Perhaps the American People is no more intelectually and morally spoiled than 240 years ago. Perhaps you should blame those legislators, who for two hundred years were spoiling American Constitution?
In fact it is not d***cracy; it is an ochlocracy.
And what now?
Now triumphant Democrats will lower the voting age to 16 (as Socialist had proposed in Germany) or grant the voting rights to non-citizens? Why not?
Doing this Mr.Obama would become a really popular hero.
Like Mr.Hugh Raphael Chávez of Venezuela

Sunday, November 9, 2008

70 days

I am writing to you from abroad.
I have decided to blog for the Americans, because I see now an imminent danger hanging over America - and the rest of the world as well, because the United States is now by far the strongest Power in the world.
In 1933 a man called Adolf Hitler had seized power in Germany. He had promised “The Change”. He lived up to his promise - very easily in fact even thou the German bureaucracy, formed in the Era of the Empire, was unwilling to cooperate. He managed to do this because he jumped to the opportunity. It was the fire in Reichstag. The fire in the German Parliament had been put by a mentally insane man, but thanks to that act, Adolf Hitler got the special provisions. It was enough.

On 9-11 you had had your fire in Reichstag. The problem now as I see it is the special provisions known as the Patriot Act - clearly an anti-American piece of legislation that is already in operation. The Department of Homeland Security, with their rights greater than that of the Bolshevik Cherezvychayka or Gestapo, already exists.
The Republicans, even neo-cons, were making relatively mild use of these provisions and possibilities. The men surrounding Mr. Obama may have less mental reservations as Leftists Liberals usually do not have them. And it is evident that the United States bureaucracy is very willing to support Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as he has gotten 92% of the votes in the DC.

So you have now only 70 days to get rid of the Patriot Act and to dissolve the Department of Homeland Security, returning to the happy pre 9-11 days. Democrats were generally against Patriot Act, let to keep them to their words. The Republicans should say, “We acknowledge our mistake. You Democrats were right! Let’s together revoke the Patriot Act!”
Perhaps you will manage to do it in 70 days. If not, I would not bet for the future of America. You can contain the man but you can not contain the bureaucracy, which is usually straining its legal entitlements to the very end...
...and sometimes beyond it.

Remember, it is 70 days.